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Real estate must not solely depend on banks

Real estate must not solely depend on banks

(SGI) - When some representatives of real estate enterprises began to complain of difficulties that they were facing in receiving capital, the head of the State Bank of Vietnam categorically stated that the State Bank of Vietnam has not yet issued a statement on the tightening of credit for real estate businesses, as lending solely depends on appraisal by credit institutions for businesses that can still ensure safe operations.
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Stock market showing no indication of growth

(SGI) - The second quarter business results show that the market has been deluged while the VN Index is showing no signs of improving since early July, with figures indicating that the Price-To-Earnings (P/E) ratio is going even lower. 
Corporate bonds is an important capital channel for businesses as well as opportunities for investors.

Corporate bonds essential for production growth

(SGI) - The unfortunate case of the Tan Hoang Minh Group has caused much disrepute to the corporate bonds market, with the management agencies also tightening their grip. However, the contribution of corporate bonds must not be ignored or forgotten in the wake of just this incident.
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Worrisome concerns about stock market bubble

(SGI) - At the National Assembly last week, there were worrisome arguments about the structure of the budget revenue based on the stock market bubble and the real estate sector.