Từ khóa: #DOWN

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Stock market best understood by professional investors

During the last seven to eight trading sessions, the VN Index suddenly went down and then up again to bottom at 1,150 points. The Index almost stood still and always looked like it was going to break bottom. This resulted in a loss of liquidity in the stock market that left several investors doubtful.
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Retail maintains growth despite pandemic

(SGI) - The fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many enterprises to shut down completely. This is because consumers have tightened spending, which has seriously hit both wholesale and retail markets. However, despite this setback, the retail industry was still able to achieve new sales record in 2021, surpassing USD 173 bn. 
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Vietnam Mulls $15.2 Billion Stimulus For Covid-Battered Economy

Vietnam’s government is seeking 347 trillion dong ($15.2 billion) in stimulus to lift an economy hobbled by the widespread outbreak of Covid-19, a significantly slimmed down proposal that nonetheless looks to assist businesses, workers and increase infrastructure spending.
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Stock market moves on roller coaster

(SGI) - The stock market acted strangely when the VN Index suddenly peaked even as the financial market went down, and when real estate businesses slowed down but stock shares still rolled in profits.