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Aviation needs boost similar to other industries

(SGI) - The Vietnam Aviation Business Association (VABA) estimates that in the year 2020, domestic airlines bore a loss of more than VND 18,000 bn, a sharp decrease of about VND 100,000 bn in revenue compared to 2019. 
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Stocks unaffected by increase in oil prices

(SGI) - The world oil price has been increasing continuously, but not all Vietnamese oil and gas enterprises have benefited from this price increase. This is the reason why oil and gas stocks have seen low response despite a positive global scenario. 
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Stronger solutions needed to support businesses

(SGI) - The State Bank of Vietnam and the Government must offer stronger solutions to resolve the current problems pertaining to debt structuring, interest rate reduction, and support to businesses facing crisis. 
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Businesses under immense strain from pandemic

(SGI) - The recent implementation by enterprises of the "3-On-Site" plan option has pushed up costs, although the fear of labor shortage during the ongoing pandemic has eased as well as the pressure of cash flow. 
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Boost economy with larger stimulus package

(SGI) - The economic damage caused by the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been huge, so an economic stimulus package that is large in scale is needed to have an effective impact on the current economic situation. 
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IFC Becomes a Shareholder in PVI Holdings, Promoting Vietnam’s Insurance Sector and Protecting Peopl

(SGI) - In a move to expand insurance available to people and businesses, IFC and two investment funds it manages are investing in PVI Holdings, one of the largest insurers in Vietnam. The move will advance insurance options in Vietnam beyond life coverage to include property and other types of insurance, helping to safeguard people and businesses and fostering the right conditions for economic development. 
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Vietnam factory shutdowns hit Nike, Adidas

Singapore | Vietnam’s production hub is in lockdown and that is disrupting the supply chains that get Nike sneakers and Adidas running shoes to consumers around the globe.
Spending in Vietnam on healthcare is currently forecast to reach $23 billion next year. Photo: Le Toan

Swings and roundabouts for pharma groups so far in 2021

With risks from interruption of the medical ingredient supply chain and losses in the hospital channel, the Vietnamese pharma industry experienced a topsy-turvy first half of 2021, with potential growth set to focus on mergers and acquisitions.

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Pandemic relentless in damaging economy

(SGI) - The current ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has been relentless in damaging the whole economy, which is getting weaker and weaker as social distancing regulations continue to be implemented for longer and longer periods, and across almost all provinces and cities of the country. 
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E-commerce sees strong growth during pandemic

(SGI) - The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the core of many businesses and industries that are now facing innumerable difficulties and challenges, with many struggling to stay afloat even as the pandemic continues unabated. 
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Bilateral trade grows fast after EVFTA coming into force

The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, or EVFTA, entered into force on August 1 last year and has created the conditions needed to boost bilateral trade between Vietnam and the EU. According to the General Statistics Office, total import-export turnover between the two sides in the first seven months of 2021 topped 32.2 billion USD, an increase of 4.4 billion USD compared to the same period of 2020.

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Pandemic compelling switch to digital currency

(SGI) - The sudden and unexpected emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has raised serious concerns among people in all countries about the transmission of the virus through paper currency.