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Real Estate eye digital technology to raise capital

(SGI) - Digital technology for raising capital for real estate projects is quite new but will provide many opportunities for investors. However, an appropriate legal framework is required for this purpose to cover the interests of concerned parties. 
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Tỷ phú Duy Ngô Nhĩ bị phạt 20 năm tù

(ĐTTCO) - Tỷ phú Duy Ngô Nhĩ ở Khu tự trị Tân Cương (XUAR) của Trung Quốc đã bị bỏ tù 20 năm vì tội “hỗ trợ những kẻ khủng bố”, do những khoản tiền mà ông đã tặng cho vợ và con của các tù nhân Duy Ngô Nhĩ, theo News Postalk.
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Cash flow moving towards risk channels

(Saigon Investment) - According to a report of the General Statistics Office, in the first quarter of 2021, capital mobilization of credit institutions increased by 0.54%. This figure is slightly higher than the same period last year and very low compared to the same period of previous years. 
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National data necessary for control of land prices

Whenever the State indicates an interest in a new infrastructure project in an urban area, the real estate speculators immediately use this information to create a buzz in the market to spread unrealistic news, blow prices up, and thereby cause a boom by which they can profit. 
Ultra-thin house is a problem for road clearance in big cities.

City resettlement plan must favor local residents

(Saigon Investment) - Some articles in recent editions of Saigon Investment mentioned a plan of the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City to effectively manage and use some areas for development purposes. 
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Real estate favored as safe investment channel

(Saigon Investment) - In 2021, as also in coming years, real estate is forecast to be an important investment channel that will attract volumes of cash flow, amid a sharp drop in interbank interest rates. Only after the stock market, the real estate market is being favored by investors. 
The 110-villa project of Hung Loc Phat Real Estate Investment JSC is a typical case of the project has public land interlaced.

Pending projects to benefit from amended Land Law

(Saigon Investment) - The Government has recently amended a number of regulations in the Land Law via Decree 148, which will be effective from February 2021. Accordingly, thousands of projects on public land that were being held up for last several years will now benefit and be able to settle long standing disputes.
City making effort to revive real estate business

City making effort to revive real estate business

(ĐTTCO) - The real estate business in Ho Chi Minh City has continually been taking a fall and even though the ultimate blame goes to the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many other problems and policies need upgrading to revive the industry once again. 
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Policy on foreign property ownership in Vietnam

(ĐTTCO) - There is some concern over a policy that allows foreigners to own a private property in Vietnam, with some people worried that this may lead to a massive wave of foreigners coming to buy more houses and apartments. However, reality shows that this must not be a worry as several regulations restrict foreigners and limit them to buy houses in the country.
Phan Dinh Phung Sports Center has been shelved for last ten years due to dispute with investor.

BT projects need clarity in regulations

(ĐTTCO) - Saigon Investment had run an article in July on various problems affecting Build and Transfer (BT) projects in Ho Chi Minh City, and how some projects under this form of investment have been shelved or put on hold as the State has failed to clear funds to complete them. Saigon Investment now looks further into these problems.
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Investors wary of another pandemic resurgence

(ĐTTCO) - Across the country, investors are wary of markets, and this hesitation is continuing to affect the sale of all products, with all industries including Real Estate taking a severe blow due to fears of a resurgence and uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Many paradox in corporate tax assistance

Many paradox in corporate tax assistance

(ĐTTCO) - The very sudden eruption and widespread effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted almost all businesses, and people in all walks of life are suffering as a consequence. To tackle this crisis as best as possible and to reach out to all levels of society, the Government has introduced several support measures, but so far with no positive results.
HQC Plaza social housing apartment used to make a name for Hoang Quan.

HQC - Late response to market

(ĐTTCO) - The Ho Chi Minh City based company Hoang Quan Consulting Trading Service Real Estate Corporation (HQC) was established in 2000, and was one of the first real estate enterprises to be listed on the stock market.
Novaland real estate trading floor was deserted due to COVID-19 scare.

Real estate waiting for COVID-19 to pass

For the last two weeks, several real estate trading floors in Ho Chi Minh City have opened for business with adequate advertising and a variety of products to offer their customers. However, business activities are running sluggish and trading floors are quite deserted. 

A new residential area in Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City

Real estate situation differs across Vietnam

While Ho Chi Minh City is trying to play it safe with urban real estate development, Vietnam’s provincial cities are witnessing billion-dollar projects established by private investors. Subsequently, experts cannot seem to predict a clear future for the market in 2020.

When supply is in shortage, real estate prices will be pushed up.

Real estate market in HCMC at standstill

Within the last two years, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has fallen sharply, with a decline in property sales and housing projects. Many housing construction projects have been delayed for a very long time because procedures for investment have not been completed as yet. Moreover, purchasing poweris showing negative signs of revival.

Many projects are on hold due to legal problems. Photo M Tuan

Regulations holding up real estate market growth

At a seminar organized by the Business Forum Newspaper in Ho Chi Minh City titled, ‘Opinions to overcome difficulties of Real Estate Enterprises’, many experts believed that conflicts and overlapping of legal regulations in the construction sector have led to delays in many projects, even those that were inspected and audited a long time back, creating opportunities for corrupt activities.

With the current apartment value of up to billions VND, if a transaction from 300 million must be put into questionable and report to the government, it will be unfeasible, unrealistic. Photo: LONG THANH

Impossible to control money laundering in real estate transactions

In order to prevent money laundering activities, the Ministry of Construction, and the Departments of Construction in all provinces and cities have issued a regulation that requires real estate companies and real estate brokerage services to report all real estate transactions that are more than VND300mn.