Từ khóa: #LEAD

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Businesses and localities need better coordination

(SGI) - The Covid-19 pandemic is now continuing relentlessly for a second year, with the fourth wave causing immense stress and strain to the entire population as well as the government apparatus at all levels. 
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Strong opinion against zero deposit interest rate

(SGI) - There is strong opinion against reducing the Vietnam dong deposit interest rate to zero percent as proposed by VAFI, and is also being seen as a rigid administrative tool that could possibly lead to serious consequences for the market. 
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Mediocre human resource quality in Ho Chi Minh City

(Saigon Investment) - Ho Chi Minh City is determined to regain its position as a major economic hub of Southeast Asia, with enhanced finance, trade, and travel services. To be able to do so, Ho Chi Minh City now needs a labor force of world class quality. 
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Small private sector firms need crucial breakthrough

(Saigon Investment) - Large private sector corporations could possibly provide the right nexus to play a lead role in rejuvenating the value chain once again, and give the necessary push for a breakthrough for crucial small private sector development in the post Covid-19 phase. 
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Need for F0 investors to diversify

(Saigon Investment) - The stock market in 2020 saw a rise of F0 investors, who created waves from the very first quarter by reaching new peaks. The F0 investors were also the main driving force behind the market while the foreigners sold out. However, the stock market in 2021 will need to diversify, and perhaps it will not be as easy for F0 investors.
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Adjustment of capital flow necessary

(Saigon Investment) - Credit flow showed a surprise change in the fourth quarter of 2020. Dr. NGUYEN TRI HIEU, a financial expert, spoke with Saigon Investment, on how credit flowed into production and businesses and even entered various investment channels throughout the year.
A Thành Chương’s water buffalo painting.

Artist Thành Chương’s buffalo paintings in limelight

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnamese artist Thành Chương is one of the country’s foremost artists who has painted the largest number of oil paintings of buffaloes than any other artist. His fellow artists and the public in general admire him for his buffalo paintings and this year being the year of the buffalo, artist Thành Chương has been attracting immense attention from all sides.
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Private enterprises key to strong economic development

(Saigon Investment) - Speaking with Saigon Investment, Asso. Prof. Dr. TRAN DINH THIEN, a member of the Government Economic Advisory Group, said that he expects the economic development policies outlined in the 13th National Party Congress to be appropriately concretized for reviving the economy with more focus on the private economic sector. 
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Economic recovery faces unseen hurdles

(Saigon Investment) - The year 2020 marked an end of a tumultuous decade that was full of turbulent and unsettling events across the globe that affected the global economy in particular. 
A corner of Phú Quốc.

Phu Quoc Island faces possible property bubble

(Saigon Investment) - A few years ago there were tentative plans to convert Phu Quoc Island into a special economic region, which had led to land prices skyrocketing across the small island district of Kien Giang Province.
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Loan on savings account risky for banks

(Saigon Investment) - Banks must crosscheck and verify all given information of a savings book or savings account holder before sanctioning a loan, so as to avoid any risk to the bank. Dr. NGUYEN TRI HIEU, a banking and financial expert, spoke with Saigon Investment to explain this issue further.
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Expectation of high inflation post Covid-19 pandemic

(Saigon Investment) - Governments are already concerned of any post Covid-19 impact on inflation, especially those in rich developed nations where the rate of inflation has remained low for many consecutive years. 
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Necessary to have long term debt payment policy

(Saigon Investment) - By the end of 2020, public debt will be about 56.8% of GDP, government debt will be about 50.8% of GDP, and the direct debt repayment obligation compared to estimated state budget revenue will be 24.1%. 
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Controversy over new provisions in Tax Law

(Saigon Investment) - There has been considerable controversy over Decree 126/2020/ND-CP since it was issued recently, which provides detailed provisions in the Tax Law, and which is set to be effective from 12 December 2020. Decree 126/2020/NĐ-CP issued by the Government states that banks must disclose account information with details of name, tax code, and date of opening and closing account to tax agencies.