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Investors wary of more reduction in interest rates

Investors wary of more reduction in interest rates

(SGI) - Since the beginning of March 2023, commercial banks have reduced deposit interest rates which has been contrary to forecasts made by many domestic and foreign investment organizations who believed that the interest rates may increase when the Federal Reserve (FED) raises the interest rate yet again.
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Increased pressure to raise interest rates

(SGI) - Liquidity in banks is currently under great stress after overnight interbank interest rates neared 8% a year, and the interest rate on market 1 is also rising day by day. 
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Vietnam dong depreciates against US dollar

(SGI) - Soon after the US Federal Reserve (FED) raised the interest rate by 0.75% for the third consecutive time on 21 September, the Dollar Index (DXY) hit an all-time high in the last 20 years. 
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Domestic petroleum market needs revamping

(SGI) - The domestic petroleum market has undergone many changes in the last few years. However, some inadequacies still remain in its operations and need to be removed. 
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Outdated waste treatment technology in Vietnam

(SGI) - Choosing the best waste treatment technology is difficult for many investors and provincial leaders in Vietnam because it is most essential to harmonize suitability of the technology with type of domestic waste, that cannot be easily classified, with the level of investment capital. 
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Rising inflation will slow economic recovery

(SGI) - Although global inflation is a reality, the general feeling is that inflation is still under control. However, continued rising inflation is bound to affect the efforts of the Government to make full economic recovery. Now it is to be seen which efforts and factors will be the focus in adjusting and containing rising inflation.
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Singapore sets example as greenest country in the world

(SGI) - Singapore is a small island nation that covers an area of around 700 square kilometers, one-third of the area of Ho Chi Minh City. Singapore also has a population of 5.5 million people, which is half the population of Ho Chi Minh City. 
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Increase in gas price adds to rising inflation

(SGI) - The entire world population is currently facing the effects of rising inflation and is preparing for a future that will, in all possibilities, continue to be bowed down under higher levels of inflation that may likely last for the next one or two years. 
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Banks in dilemma to reduce interest rates

(SGI) - The State Bank of Vietnam has been directed by the Government for many years to reduce lending interest rates. In the current effort towards economic recovery and sustainable development, this will prove quite difficult as markets are currently strung between multiple bottlenecks.
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Businesses propose overtime working hours

(SGI) - Plans to increase overtime working hours for industry workers has been implemented by many countries around the world, to cover for an increasing labor shortfall. 
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Investors show sentimental value in stocks

(SGI) - Shareholders of stock code of Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAG) reacted strongly to the decision to delist on HoSE and switch to UPCoM. This shows that investors still have a sentimental value in stocks that they hold.