Từ khóa: #TRAFFIC

A coner of HCMC. Photo: ĐỨC HUY

Innovative ideas can improve traffic congestion

(SGI) - Since Vietnam initiated economic reforms through the policy of Doi Moi in 1986, the transport network in Ho Chi Minh City has not seen much development, despite huge investments. 
Illustrative photo.

Mekong Delta development vital for Southern region

(SGI) - A robust transport infrastructure is imperative for all regional development. Since the Liberation of the South and the Reunification of Việt Nam, the Mekong Delta has served as the lifeline to the Southern region of the country. 
Illustrative photo.

Ho Chi Minh City needs breakthrough projects

(SGI) - In recent years, leaders across the globe are calling for breakthroughs in various fields, in an effort to revive and rebuild the economy. However, breakthroughs in some fields, such as transport infrastructure, have faced many upheavals.