Vietnam recognises 27 more national treasures

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has signed a decision recognising 27 additional national treasures, and asked heads of relevant quarters to conduct preservation efforts under the law on cultural heritage.
Vietnam recognises 27 more national treasures

Among the 27 national treasures is a statue of President Ho Chi Minh created in 1946 by Vietnam’s first female sculptor, Nguyen Thi Kim. The statue is now preserved at the National Museum of History.

Other treasures are being preserved by the Thang Long Heritage Conservation Center - Hanoi, including a dragon head from the Tran Dynasty (dating to the 13th century), and a collection of ceramic bowls and plates used in the early Le Dynasty (from the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century).

A set of dragon steps from Kinh Thien Palace (dating to the 17th century), along with a cannon from the Lê Trung Hưng Dynasty (dating from the 17th century) and a statue of Emperor An Duong Vuong (dating to 1897) are also listed as national treasures.

Seven were collected privately. The oldest one recognised at this time is a collection of An Khe stone tools, dating back about 800,000 years and kept at the Gia Lai provincial museum.

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