Từ khóa: #FEES

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Rising inflation will slow economic recovery

(SGI) - Although global inflation is a reality, the general feeling is that inflation is still under control. However, continued rising inflation is bound to affect the efforts of the Government to make full economic recovery. Now it is to be seen which efforts and factors will be the focus in adjusting and containing rising inflation.
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Setbacks for housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City

(SGI) - Several housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City are ready for sale to prospective buyers for many years. However, without the issuance of an appropriate legal certificate, investors have been unable to complete the sales. 
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Businesses inundated by mandatory infrastructure fees

(SGI) - Many businesses in Ho Chi Minh City that are struggling to make a recovery after a long period of closure due to the pandemic, are now finding it very difficult to cope with the pressure to pay various infrastructure fees, as they resume their operations once again.