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Boost economy with larger stimulus package

(SGI) - The economic damage caused by the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been huge, so an economic stimulus package that is large in scale is needed to have an effective impact on the current economic situation. 
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Pandemic compelling switch to digital currency

(SGI) - The sudden and unexpected emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic has raised serious concerns among people in all countries about the transmission of the virus through paper currency. 
Thong Dai (40cm h., 52cm diam.) This work signifies Unification of the country (Nhat Thong Son Ha).

The eternal lure of Satsuma pottery from Japan

(SGI) - The history of Satsuma pottery goes back to the discovery of white clay in 1617, and the political history of Japan opening to international trade in late mid-19th century. 
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Social distancing vital for containing pandemic

(SGI) - Ho Chi Minh City has now issued Directive 16 to implement strict social distancing in public places. This is a necessary decision taken by City authorities to ensure that the pandemic remains contained. 
Vietnam: Economic growth pace accelerates in 2Q

Vietnam: Economic growth pace accelerates in 2Q

(SGI) - Vietnam’s economic growth accelerated to 6.61% y/y in 2Q21, extending from an upwardly revised gain of 4.65% y/y in 1Q21. While this fell slightly short of expectations, it nonetheless reaffirmed the current upswing and re-establishment of its historic trend seen during 2013 to 2019. For the first half of 2021, Vietnam’s GDP expanded 5.64% y/y, more than 3 times the pace of 1.82% in 1H20.
Trung Nam Wind Farm in the south central province of Ninh Thuan. (Photo: VNA)

Green hydrogen development associated with offshore wind power, experts say

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) needs to study and direct Vietnam Electricity (EVN) to issue regulations on the transmission and distribution system to ensure the stable operation of the power system amid abundant wind and solar power sources, said Tran Viet Ngai, Chairman of the Vietnam Energy Association.

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Void in laws concerning personal data

(Saigon Investment) - Many cases have been revealed of late whereby personal data of business entities and individuals has been leaked on websites by illegal traders. However, Vietnam has currently no countermand and effective measures to deal with illegalities in use of personal data as current laws are still rather inadequate.
Competitiveness on the rise for domestic retail

Competitiveness on the rise for domestic retail

(Saigon Investment) - Domestic retail in Vietnam is still green compared to foreign corporations with decades of experience and lacks competitive edges in capitalizing on the markets, and the government is looking for solutions to help domestic companies retain their market share.

Fig.1: Exports & Imports of countries (%), August 2018-February 2121. Source: Haver Analytics.

Vietnam needs improved marketing strategy

(Saigon Investment) - The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has made the world realize the limitations in the current supply chain, which shows an over reliance on just one link, which is a plausible reason for the collapse of the system. 
Ho Chi Minh City meets the conditions for international financial center.

Ho Chi Minh City ideal base for international financial center

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnam now seems determined to create an international financial center in the country, with Ho Chi Minh City as main base. Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, Minister of Planning and Investment, believes the current scenario is providing a golden opportunity for Vietnam to establish an international financial center in Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang, and hopes that a comprehensive project report will soon be submitted to the Government and the Politburo. 
Difficult for Vietnamese support industry to enter multinational supply chain.

Multinational supply chain evades small industry

(Saigon Investment) - Foreign investments in Vietnam have the ability to change the economics of many of the country’s support industries, who are continually struggling to be part of the larger supply network. However, they also have to be supported by appropriate state policies, and the right conditions in order to flourish. 
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Digital currency shifts in post-pandemic era

(Saigon Investment) - The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has gradually changed the business mindset across many national economies, shaping the trend to use less cash and shift towards a digital platform by way of digital currency. In order to meet up with this new trend as well as take advantage of changing times, the Central Banks have devised their own legit currency called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). 
Lack of linkage is a barrier for most Vietnamese enterprises.

Private sector unable to create necessary value chain

(Saigon Investment) - Vietnamese enterprises are facing setbacks and obstacles in the process to build value chains, which are essential for growth, healthy competition and more export opportunities in foreign markets.
Private business sector needs strong voice

Private business sector needs strong voice

(Saigon Investment) - Several prominent businessmen participated in electing deputies for the 15th National Assembly, many of who have contributed greatly towards the betterment of society and the country. These businessmen hold prestigious reputations at home and abroad, manage well known brands, and are highly credible voices in the private business sector. 
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Catalysts for capital market restructuring

(Saigon Investment) - The entire world has been severely affected and was suffering from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic during the whole of 2020. The emergence of a new virus variant strain has now neutralized the effects of vaccines, making hopes of economic recovery even more uncertain.