Từ khóa: #STIMULUS

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Current global inflation a worrisome situation

(SGI) - The current rising inflation is creating a worrisome situation across the globe. As of now, the US has the highest inflation rate in 40 years, and inflation in many European and Asian countries is also the highest it has been in last three decades. 
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Stock market expected to cross current threshold

(SGI) - During the last trading sessions of 2021, the stock market was not particularly active. The effect was being felt of unfavorable news on the macro, the most notable of which was the GDP growth of the whole year at only 2.58%. 
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Vietnam Mulls $15.2 Billion Stimulus For Covid-Battered Economy

Vietnam’s government is seeking 347 trillion dong ($15.2 billion) in stimulus to lift an economy hobbled by the widespread outbreak of Covid-19, a significantly slimmed down proposal that nonetheless looks to assist businesses, workers and increase infrastructure spending.
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Worldwide inflation an inevitable concern

(SGI) - There is a surge in inflation in economic powerhouse groups, as well as strong emerging economies, when the supply chain is disrupted and unable to cope with the huge demand when markets begin to reopen, with the support of unprecedented large volumes of stimulus packages.
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Stock market overwhelmed by new investors

(SGI) - The sudden outbreak of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic caused GDP growth rate to be negative for the first time at minus 6.17% in the third quarter of 2021.