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Fall in VN Index is transitory

Fall in VN Index is transitory

(SGI) - The sudden reduction in operating interest rates by the State Bank of Vietnam caused a sharp drop of 9.83 points in the VN index between 3 April and 12 April.
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Công ty chứng khoán “đấu” khách hàng của mình

(ĐTTCO) - Thị trường chứng khoán (TTCK) sụt giảm mạnh trong tháng 4-2022 đã khiến không ít nhà đầu tư (NĐT) cá nhân thua lỗ. Nhưng câu chuyện công ty chứng khoán (CTCK) “vừa đá bóng vừa thổi còi” lại được NĐT xới lên, dù trước đó 10 năm vấn đề này đã được đặt ra. Thực hư vấn đề này ra sao?

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Transparency needed in trading by securities companies

(SGI) - Many individual investors lost their money when the stock market dropped sharply in April this year. This has led to an analysis of the workings of securities companies, and ways to bring about more transparency in their dealings.
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Market manipulators set to devalue stocks

(SGI) - The last trading sessions on the stock market in Vietnam in 2021 witnessed the old trick of spreading bad news for the purpose of devaluing stocks and buying cheaper shares, which also led to several investors suffering heavy losses.
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Investors face high risk in real estate stocks

(SGI) - Real estate stocks are suddenly facing strong pressure on the stock market after their recent spectacular increase. This is also an extremely risky time for investors who intend to deal in real estate stocks with the expectation that the stock price will increase many times over.
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Sudden growth of stock market worrisome

(ĐTTCO) - The trading volume of the VN Index increased dramatically in November 2020, at an average of around one billion shares per day or sometimes even about 1.5 billion shares per day. 
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Race to increase capital of stock companies

(SGI) - Stock companies are currently in a race to increase capital from margin lending and proprietary trading. This move now has a huge amount of support from investors as well.
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Banking stocks lose dominant position

(SGI) - Banking stocks are currently not receiving the perceived response, despite the great expectation of investors. One needs to analyse the many reasons for the group of banking stocks to lose their dominant position in the stock market.