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Spending in Vietnam on healthcare is currently forecast to reach $23 billion next year. Photo: Le Toan

Swings and roundabouts for pharma groups so far in 2021

With risks from interruption of the medical ingredient supply chain and losses in the hospital channel, the Vietnamese pharma industry experienced a topsy-turvy first half of 2021, with potential growth set to focus on mergers and acquisitions.

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Businesses and localities need better coordination

(SGI) - The Covid-19 pandemic is now continuing relentlessly for a second year, with the fourth wave causing immense stress and strain to the entire population as well as the government apparatus at all levels. 
Vietnam: Economic growth pace accelerates in 2Q

Vietnam: Economic growth pace accelerates in 2Q

(SGI) - Vietnam’s economic growth accelerated to 6.61% y/y in 2Q21, extending from an upwardly revised gain of 4.65% y/y in 1Q21. While this fell slightly short of expectations, it nonetheless reaffirmed the current upswing and re-establishment of its historic trend seen during 2013 to 2019. For the first half of 2021, Vietnam’s GDP expanded 5.64% y/y, more than 3 times the pace of 1.82% in 1H20.
Goldwind offshore turbine, Vietnam. Image by Goldwind.

Goldwind erects first turbine off Vietnam

Chinese wind turbine maker Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology (HKG:2208) last week said it has installed its first international offshore wind turbine in the waters of Vietnam.
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Digital yuan still weak and over rated

(Saigon Investment) - The popular rise of crypto currency and its general irresistibility has forced governments to think on monetary policies to take control of digital space. 
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Bitcoin credibility marred as form of currency

(Saigon Investment) - Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies have grown substantially in the last decade. Many people have even begun to invest in cryptocurrencies in the belief that this will be an international mode of payment in the future. Recently, the President of El Salvador stated that he would accept Bitcoin as almost a legal form of currency.